Cooperating for Business Development

We are your professional partner dedicated to reaching your goals including marketing, product development, implementation, marketing, and sales.

That's a mouthful and we mean it. When you get an idea, you should see if it works with a low budget test. If that checks out, then you have to see if it makes business sense. You know, how to market it, how to sell it, which people want this, if people want to buy it, put it to use or if it provides some meaningful place in society and most importantly if you can develop a business model for long term survival. Anyone can give away something, be the hero in that way for just a little while. But to develop something lasting, that provides some meaningful service to society, that you can develop value, sell or pass on to your family or loyal staff. You need to know (in advance before you invest a lot) if it makes sense to invest, to spend the development time, the day to day time if it will simply work. You owe it to yourself!

Next, we need to get your game plan together. We may need to find funding or venture capital. You may want to set up or contract manufacturing through a competent and honest company who does similar products or components. We have contacts in most industries or we can set up your small to mid size manufacturing or fabricating facility. This set up can include finding specialized tooling, machinery, efficient layouts, staff, management, to get you where you want to be.

Soon, we will understand your market, and put together a specific game plan for your idea. We will get your product known, get it used, and make it work.

We can provide an 1-800 number, a sales department to take calls, sales conversion, increased sales, a team to enter sales, the ability send customer an invoice under your company name, bill your customers credit card #, packaging, packing slips, weighing, labeling, shipping, palletting, tracking, customer service, follow up, call tag returns, support for damaged shipments, exchange support, and more!

We won't take your case if we do not think we are compatible, if we do not think we can do it properly, or if it is not the best use of both of our times. No one takes control of your exact ideas except you.

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